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A robot vacuum cleaner could potentially be the best investment you’ve made in cutting down on the time spent on doing chores. They may be small and unassuming, but they rival any full-size vacuum cleaner in cleaning power if you make the right choice and take all of the legwork out of actually moving around the home. As long as you are on hand to move it to other floors throughout the home, you can rely on any high quality RoboVac to pick up dusts and spills – if perhaps in a slightly haphazard manner!

The chances are that if you have joined us here on the site then you’re interested in getting involved with the robot vacuum revolution. If you’re still on the fence, then you’re in the right place, as we present to you 10 great reasons to take the plunge and introduce a RoboVac into your home.

  1. A Massive Time Saver

How long you spend vacuuming the home depends on the size and your own tenacity, but even if you live in a small flat, we would dare venture that each session lasts a good 10 minutes or more. That may not sound like much on its own, but it all adds up. If you vacuum daily, that is over an hour saved each week! The robot vacuums recommended throughout our site require no additional monitoring or supervision and can be left to their own devices to take care of one of the more demanding aspects of home cleaning.

  1. Perfect for Those with Mobility Issues

In some cases, cleaning the home can be difficult, if not impossible. Whether you prefer to keep your movement to a minimum, or rely on someone else to come around to do the cleaning, a RoboVac is at your beck and call to carry out the vacuuming throughout the home as and when required and with minimal maintenance outside of emptying the dust box.

  1. A Range of Models for All Needs

Vacuum cleaners are not cheap for good models, but you may be surprised to know that a smart vacuum does not need to be any more expensive than a comparable dumb model. The entry-level model from Deik will barely break the bank, and while it is lacking some of the more advanced features of its more expensive counterparts, it will do the job with gusto.

At the other end of the scale, we have models that are highly advanced, such as the Amarey A900. Whereas the Deik model relies on its own remote and will admittedly spend some of its time getting acquainted by its surroundings, the A900 ups the ante with space detection and connection to a dedicated mobile app which can, of course, be used outside the home if required.

  1. Suitable for All Surfaces

Whether looking towards the cheapest or most expensive end of the market, robot vacuums have been designed to be suitable for all surfaces. Carpets are the bread and butter of these devices, but they will seamlessly head into kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere else in the home to complete the same high-quality cleaning tasks without damaging the surface in question.

  1. RoboVacs Take Care of their Own Charging

Robot vacuums are clever devices, and they are capable of finding their way home when the job is done. The vast majority of models come with docking stations that they will return to either when ordered to through the app or remote or when they deem all floor surfaces to be clean. When they do so, they will commence charging immediately, ensuring that they are ready to go as soon as they are called upon again.

  1. Set the Boundaries

Robot vacuums are unable to travel through walls for obvious reasons, and you will find your smart friend exploring haphazardly on occasion. However, one of the best things about these gadgets is that the walls in question do not necessarily need to be physical ones. It is possible to set virtual walls, either using hardware or software depending on the model, and this ensures that your RoboVac will not enter into areas that you do not want them to without the need for closing doors or putting other obstacles in the way.

  1. Will Clean More Intensely When Required

One of the standout appeals of robot vacuum cleaners is the fact that they work based on the dirt that they encounter. Even the cheaper models are capable of sensing just how dirty a surface is and will make use of that knowledge to go over the same spot multiple times where required. This leads to an even finish throughout the home that is worth showing off.

  1. Keep the Home Clean While Away

The more you spend, the smarter your robot vacuum will be. Some models, such as the iRobot Roomba 671, connect to the internet through their built-in hub. This not only enables them to interact with Alexa, Siri and other smart home hubs, but also to be controlled through the internet. No matter where you are in the world, if you can get online, you can use the app to send your device to give the home a once over.

  1. Low Maintenance Home Cleaning

We always encourage visitors to the site to go for the best model that they can afford. However, at any end of the price list, buyers will find fantastic machines that may be relatively new, but are massively reliable. Simply emptying the dust box and occasionally cleaning filters and brushes as needed will keep any robot vacuum in great working order, and if it gets too much, accessories are cheap and easy to replace.

  1. Reaches the Places Large Vacuums Cannot

There will be nooks and crannies throughout the home where some vacuums simply cannot reach, especially under units and cabinets. Smart vacuums are low-profile machines that make use of their small size to get under and around obstacles to ensure that very little of the available floor space goes uncleaned.


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