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Whenever anyone asks us where they should buy a robot vaccum, we always say Amazon. We cannot take all the credit, but they sell more robotic vacuum cleaners than anyone else so it does, in a way, make perfect sense that they have got involved themselves. The Amazonbasics Slim Robot Vacuum is an entry-level model and, at the time of this review, the first and only venture into robot vacuum cleaning on the part of Amazon. At only a shade over £100, we are not expecting a Eufy RoboVac or Roomba killer here. However, anything that we have used from Amazonbasics in the past has been more than adequate for the job at hand, just without any of the frills. We are confident that the device will provide an excellent clean. Ultimately, it is the price versus the performance that matters and all will be revealed as we put this machine through its paces.

  • Value for Money 85% 85%
  • Battery Life 85% 85%
  • Durability 85% 85%
  • Suction Power 75% 75%
  • Noise 90% 90%
  • Connectivity 70% 70%

Key Features

  • Boasts five cleaning modes to ensure an even clean across various surfaces throughout the home
  • Simple but effective remote control to commence cleaning
  • Slim design for easy access under chairs and furniture
  • HEPA filter for pet owners and allergy sufferers
  • Very quiet for the price at just 62 dB
  • Impressive battery life with 80 minutes runtime from a full charge and just 3 hours required to recharge

AmazonBasics Slim Robot Vacuum Price and Manufacturer Specs

Amazon Basics Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner 18W(800Pa) with 4 Cleaning Modes Anti-Collision & Drop Sensor Protection Auto Charging Robot Vacuum (0.35L Capacity)  (UK)
  • Clean your home without lifting a finger
  • One machine with 5 cleaning modes
  • Powerful wheels to overcome obstacles
  • Simple to use remote control system with one-button start
  • Compact design for complete cleaning access

Our AmazonBasics Slim Robot Vacuum Review

We have no idea who does the research and development for the Amazonbasics range, but we have a good idea of what they seek to achieve. They love their technology, and plenty of Amazon’s own-brand products cover gadgets and electronics. As noted in the introduction, Amazon is the place to be to buy robot vacuum cleaners, so the launch of the Amazonbasics Slim Robot Vacuum was almost a no-brainer.

It was unleashed to suitably little fanfare towards the end of June 2019 and admittedly has not yet entirely built up the head of steam that Amazon might have hoped. It is yet to make a significant impact on the best-seller lists on the site, which continue to be dominated by the likes of Eufy and iRobot with their Roombas. However, it comes in at just a touch over the £100 mark, and that is priced to sell as far as we are concerned.

It is fair to say that you could buy two of these Amazonbasics Robot Vacuums for the price of a recommended Eufy or Roomba, so it gets off to a great start in the eyes of anyone that is searching for their first robot vacuum. There is value for money there, but we are not going to dwell on the more prominent players in this category – their products are better and are priced to match. This is the value option, which we envisage being used by those who have never used a robovac before or potentially those that fancy a low-cost second robot vacuum to keep upstairs.

The design is relatively standard, and the unit is pleasing to the touch. The Amazonbasics model is round and black, so no chances have been taken there. It claims to be slim, and that is a fair assessment. At 7.9 cm thick, it is just 0.7 cm thicker than the Eufy RoboVac 11S MAX, one of the sleekest models on the market. It would be pretty unlucky to have a piece of furniture that the Amazonbasics Slim Robot Vacuum could not get under by half a centimetre, so we are pleased with its performance here.

The only other comment we would make about the appearance is that you probably will not want to show off your new toy. If there is one downside to the Amazonbasics brand, it is the association that anyone without the experience of their excellent products will make – it just sounds inferior. Then again, you do not need all that much willpower to avoid the temptation to throw a welcome party for your new cleaning assistant, so that’s by the by.

Where users of this robotic vacuum cleaner will start to feel like they have gone for the cheap option is in the suction power. There are no unique technologies like BoostIQ going on here, so what you see is what you get. At 800 Pa, the power-packed into this unit is not insignificant, and it can be responsible for a decent clean. As expected, such an engine is only suitable for thin carpets and hard floors, so if you have decided to be a bit more luxurious with your home décor, this model will have to be a pass.

Something we do like about the Amazonbasics Slim Robot Vacuum is the filter system. There are two filters in there, one of which is HEPA rated, and such filtration is never a given at any price point, let alone the lower end. We have to say that the suction power means that this robovac is not exactly ideal for pet owners, but if you suffer from airborne allergies, this is a perk that is missing on plenty of more expensive alternatives.

Connectivity is limited and comes down to a remote control – although we consider even that to be a bonus for the price. It saves bending down to get cleaning started, and while a 3-5 m range means that you’ll have to be in the same room, it can make all the difference to those with limited mobility. There are several buttons on the remote control, although we wouldn’t expect anything more than starting the unit and sending it back to base – and the latter is not required, as the Amazonbasics Slim Robot Vacuum knows how to make its way home when it finishes.

Countering that flexibility somewhat is the dust box, which is not as big as we might have liked. With a 0.35-litre capacity, it can only cram in around half of what we would consider the industry standard. That does mean that cleaning should not be interrupted if you are diligent in your scheduling, but it is advisable to empty the unit following each job.

Amazonbasics Slim Robot Vacuum – Pros and Cons

  • Impressive value thanks to remote control, quiet cleaning and slim profile
  • Great cleaning performance over thinner carpets and hard floors
  • Outstanding battery performance to rival more expensive models
  • A true no frills approach – nothing more exciting to this robot vacuum than a remote control
  • The unit will struggle with anything more than hard floors and thin carpets
  • Limited dust box capacity means we would recommend emptying after each clean

Amazonbasics Slim Robot Vacuum – The Verdict

Perhaps unusually, our first thought with this Amazon robot vacuum cleaner is not about this unit. Instead, we are curious about what might come next. If you have ever browsed Amazon for smart vacuum cleaners, you will have noticed that they make a big deal out of Amazon Alexa compatibility, and for a good reason. Naturally, that is far beyond the scope of the Amazonbasics Slim Robot Vacuum, but we can foresee a new model designed to compete with the likes of the Eufy RoboVac 15C and iRobot Roomba 606 at a higher price point coming our way in the future to enhance the brand’s ecosystem. As more and more people come around to just how great robot vacuums can be, even this model has a role to fulfil, as it is in no way unaffordable and serves as a worthy proof of concept in most homes. While this one puts in a shift, they can work out what else they would like from their robot vacuum, and this one can potentially move upstairs or be passed on to introduce someone else to the wonders of the technology.


Amazonbasics Slim Robot Vacuum Review

Concerning the Amazonbasics Slim Robot Vacuum itself, it is better value than its price point suggests, and we are impressed by how much the design team has crammed in at this level. This unit has to be in the conversation for a best budget robot vacuum, and while you will have to forget all about advanced features like mapping, scheduling and virtual walls, it successfully does precisely what it says on the tin. You know as well as we do that there are better robovacs out there, but anyone that opts for this model will definitely feel like it was money well spent. If you want a small, round robot that will get the dirt off the floor in your house with the minimum of fuss, this one will hit the spot. It is a cost-effective introduction to the world of robot vacuums, and while we can see most people upgrading in due course, it will not be due to any deficiencies in the quality and performance of this one.

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