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The Bagotte BG600 comes in at a low-medium price point with the promise of cleaning capabilities that far outstrip what you pay. Bagotte itself is nowhere near being a massive name in consumer electronics and gadgets, but some of our readers may have encountered them previously if you have bought a juicer or air fryer that adopts a similar approach to pricing. The BG600 represents their most-popular robot vacuum model and what it potentially lacks in flashy features and controls, it more than makes up for with a fantastic clean. At this price point, it competes directly with the likes of the Eufy RoboVac 11S, a model that scored well in our review and performed admirably in our Eufy RoboVac comparison. While the name is not as recognisable, the cleaning power can speak for itself, and we look at the features offered by this robot vacuum cleaner in the full review below.

  • Value for Money 93% 93%
  • Battery Life 89% 89%
  • Durability 90% 90%
  • Suction Power 87% 87%
  • Noise 95% 95%
  • Connectivity 75% 75%

Key Features

  • Excellent suction power at this price point, at 1,500 Pa
  • Slim 2.7-inch form factor to reach under furniture
  • Impressive battery life with 100 minutes of cleaning on a full charge
  • Scheduled cleaning for a regular, unsupervised job
  • Among the quietest robot vacuums at this price point at 55 dB
  • HEPA filter to aid pet owners and allergy sufferers

The £200 price point is a competitive one in the world of robotic vacuum cleaners, and it is easy to see why. It is cheap enough that those that have never owned a robot vacuum cleaner previously will consider it as worth trying, but expensive enough that the models in the range are capable of high-quality cleaning across most floor types and entire floors on a single charge.

That description could apply correctly to the Bagotte BG600. Bagotte itself has not put out a massive number of robovacs over the years, but this unit gives the distinct impression that they have a good idea about what they’re doing. No chances were taken in the design of the BG600, and once you open the box, you’re greeted by the familiar black circle. Indeed, without the Bagotte branding, the BG600 could be easily mistaken for competing products with the same target audience, such as the aforementioned Eufy RoboVac 11S and the slightly pricier iRobot Roomba 606.

Something that often separates the lower-mid tier of robot vacuums like this one from more expensive models is the connectivity. The Eufy and Roomba models above feature a remote control and nothing at all respectively. App control, together with robovacs that can be voice-activated with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home, are generally reserved for robot vacuums that come in at a slightly higher price point. It, therefore, comes as no surprise to see that Bagotte has opted for the standard remote-control feature on the BG600.

 It works well and enables users to activate the robot from a distance of around three to five metres, and also schedule cleaning for later or regular intervals. That might not be as flexible as using a mobile app on the commute home but is nonetheless ideal for anyone that likes the idea of coming home to a clean floor each day.

With that in mind, it leads us to the dust box on the Bagotte BG600. At a 0.5-litre capacity, it falls slightly short of our benchmark, but we are inclined to consider it as being acceptable given the stated intent to make this unit slim and lightweight. For those that do like to schedule their cleaning, it is worth emptying the unit every couple of days at most, especially as there is no indicator on this machine for when the box is full.

We figured that the overall lack of flair on this model would be the result of a focus on cleaning prowess and that proves to be the case. At 1,500 Pa suction, this model beats out both the RoboVac 11S and the Roomba 606 on paper. As always, however, the numbers do not tell the whole story. We will say that the power on this robot vacuum is more than capable of picking up all but the most stubborn dirt, but the intense cleaning modes on Eufy RoboVacs and Roombas potentially make them superior in some situations, even with less straight suction power.

Nevertheless, unless you have a habit of treading mud into your carpets every day and leaving it to settle for weeks, there are no tasks that the Bagotte BG600 will be unable to deal with. As with most models at this price, carpets of medium thickness or more are mostly out of the question, but if your home features a combination of hard floors and standard carpets, you’ll be pleased with the cleaning prowess this device demonstrates.

Bagotte mentions in the marketing material for the BG600 that it picks up more pet hair than any other robot vacuum. That is a bold statement and one that we would not go all out to support. We have mentioned in the past that the best robot vacuum for pets does not solely rely on suction power, and there are various factors in play. Nevertheless, if you have cats and dogs, this model is capable of getting rid of hairs and dander. Assisting the cleaning process is a true HEPA filter, which is particularly notable for those with allergies of any sort.

Something that we have to mention about the Bagotte BG600 that may well earn it a few more sales is the support for strip-based virtual walls. This feature often only appears on more expensive models, and the comparison moves from the 11S to the Eufy RoboVac 30C, which boasts similar technology. That model is another best-seller in its own right, but at around £70 more, the strips are an impressive inclusion here – especially as a length of the magnetic strip comes in the box. If you want a robot vacuum that can avoid individual rooms for whatever reason, without spending four times as much for a robovac that can do it automatically, then the BG600 genuinely impresses.

With no other outstanding special features that are particularly notable at this price, all that remains to discuss is the battery. Bagotte opts for a 2,600 mAh battery which is suitable for 100 minutes of active cleaning time on a single charge. That is really good for the price and guarantees that this model is ideal for small and medium homes, and stands a chance of cleaning two floors without a recharge. That’s for the best, as the BG600 requires five hours to recharge fully. We don’t put too much stock into charge times, especially when the active cleaning time is as impressive as this, as practical use means that the robot vacuum will go to work once per day at most and will then have all night to pull itself together.

Bagotte BG600 – Pros and Cons

  • Excellent overall cleaning for the price across hard floors and low-pile carpets
  • Remote control assists those with limited mobility
  • Small, slim and light for easy movement between floors and emptying
  • Connectivity is limited to the remote control – no app or smart home support
  • Unable to cope with medium or thicker carpets and rugs
  • Lacks the intense cleaning of other models on particularly dirty spots

Bagotte BG600 – The Verdict

In many ways, the sales figures of the Bagotte BG600 speak for themselves. Bagotte is not a brand that coasts on reputation – we would venture, as noted in the introduction, that many of our readers would not have heard of the manufacturer before embarking on their robot vacuum research. Instead, the BG600 manages to impress in its own right. The suction power on this unit is strong enough for virtually all domestic floor-cleaning tasks, and while this model lacks some of the advanced technology of its costlier peers, we are happy with adequate over excessive, especially when it reflects in the price. Between that power, the dust box capacity, scheduling and battery life, the BG600 is more than capable of rivalling more expensive models for an independent, high-quality clean.


Bagotte BG600 Review

Just as we’d expect, there are areas in which the Bagotte BG600 cannot compete with costlier models. We mentioned that the manufacturer promotes the capabilities of this robovac for pet hair. It is powerful enough to pick it up, but we would be inclined to suggest that pet owners look at more expensive options for the best possible results. You could go all the way up to the iRobot Roomba 981 which checks all the boxes or can find a middle ground with the Neato Robotics Botvac D402. With that said, if both models are outside your budget, the BG600 is adequate once again. The remote is a handy addition, and the lightweight, slim nature of the robot makes it ideal for those that may struggle to lug a Roomba around the house. Also, if virtual walls are essential, then this ranks among the cheapest options to implement them in your home. It is a great-value robotic cleaner, and while the Bagotte BG600 does not represent an insight into the full potential of robovacs by way of features and extras, it does an admirable job.

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