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The first Bagotte robot vacuum we reviewed was the Bagotte BG600, and we started to think that what proved to be a highly popular machine might be the last we’d see from this manufacturer. It performed well enough, both in its cleaning duties and sales performance, that it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that Bagotte was in no rush to follow up on it. However, follow up they did – first with the BG800 in January 2020 and then with this device later the same year. If that sounds like the wrong order, we can only assume there were supply issues in the UK, as they came out in the correct order in the US and other territories. Their efforts didn’t necessarily go into design – even I would struggle to tell the different Bagotte robovacs apart. However, there are are some noticeable differences between the three models in the range, which I’ll discuss in full detail in the upcoming review.

  • Value for Money 90% 90%
  • Battery Life 80% 80%
  • Durability 85% 85%
  • Suction Power 85% 85%
  • Noise 92% 92%
  • Connectivity 97% 97%

Key Features

  • Sleek, slim design to get to most hard to reach places in the home
  • Single room cleaning, where the Bagotte BG700 will avoid doorways like boundary strips
  • A very smart robot vacuum, which works with Alexa and Google Home
  • Impressive battery life of up to 120 minutes – sufficient for both floors of the average home
  • Quiet operation, even at the most powerful suction level
  • Decent cleaning performance, improving slightly on the popular BG600

Bagotte BG700 Price and Manufacturer Specs

Our Bagotte BG700 Robot Vacuum Review

I have to say on a personal level that I’m glad to see the return of Bagotte to the robot vacuum production fold. Our BG600 review spent a long time without a specific branded category here on the site, such is the fate of every device that stands alone among its manufacturer’s range. However, just before I sat down to compile this review, the Bagotte category came into being as it’s now joined by this, its big brother, the BG700.

As I touched on in the introduction, it would be wrong to expect a revolution in design. I can’t say for sure whether a designer at Bagotte used to work for iRobot on their Roomba range, or if they simply drew plenty of inspiration. Either way, you can expect the familiar black circle that has become the stereotypical robot vacuum visual here. Fortunately, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and Bagotte does not disappoint.

In the Box

If you already own the Bagotte BG600, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find in the box here. While the BG600 was and remains an excellent robot vacuum for the price, the BG700 represents a significant upgrade based on contents alone. The older model was excellent in its simplicity. However, there won’t be many people in the market for a robot vacuum that would skip mobile connectivity and voice control. That massively narrowed the market for the BG600, as the only option other than pressing the button on the unit was the infrared remote control.

Pleasingly, the remote control returns here to complement the added connectivity of the device. If you passed up on the BG600 due to the lack of an app or any extra control features, this is your lucky day. The BG700 rivals the best and most expensive robot vacuums on the market for these features, even going a step further than some by working both with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

Everything else is pretty familiar – even if you’ve only ever owned robot vacuums from other manufacturers or its your first time. You’ll find the robot vacuum itself, together with the base unit for charging and docking. There’s a small selection of spares but nothing out of the ordinary – although I don’t mind that in this case as Bagotte clearly wants to deliver great value with this release.

Cleaning and Capacity

On paper, the Bagotte BG700 doesn’t appear to be much of an upgrade over the BG600 in the cleaning and capacity departments. The suction power increases from 1,500 Pa on the older model to 1,600 Pa on this one, and the dust box is essentially the same, with both boasting room for 0.6 litres of dust. However, the discussion turns from just pure suction power to how the newer model goes about using it.

As before, it’s possible to manually adjust the power while cleaning is in progress. However, the BG700 takes a slightly more intelligent approach. The best example of this is its ability to detect a change between surfaces. On hard floors, it uses less suction power and, in turn, can maintain the battery for longer. When it detects a move to a carpeted floor, it ups the power, and will increase it yet further if it detects particularly heavily soiled areas.

So, on paper, the BG700 appears relatively weak considering it’s a fairly new release. 1,600 Pa is and will remain enough, but it’s comfortably outdone by the Eufy RoboVac 15C MAX, which sits atop our ranking of the best robot vacuums at the time of this review. It falls even further behind its own big brother, the Bagotte BG800, which clocks in at a powerful 2,200 Pa. However, I’d stress that 1,600 Pa and the intelligent use of power as and when required makes the BG700 all the more impressive.

Battery and Charging

This isn’t the first time I’ve moaned about batteries, and it won’t be the last. Nevertheless, I feel like batteries hold smart technology and gadgets back more so than anything else. Effectively, Bagotte and other manufacturers won’t do anything too impressive for the foreseeable and it’s totally out of their control.

For the BG700 specifically, this introduces a couple of slight issues. It’s peak performance will see the robot vacuum cleaning for around two hours as standard – perfectly in line with other leading models. However, the battery hasn’t changed all that much from devices that arrived on the scene a year or two ago. The added mobile functionality and smart cleaning process takes power, so the BG700 won’t always last for quite as long as the BG600.

Nevertheless, unless you’re in a mansion, I have every confidence in the battery and dust box coming together to comfortably clean an entire home without any issues.

Also typical is the fact that it usually takes around twice as long to charge the battery as to discharge it. If you reach a point where your BG700 runs on empty, it’ll require around five hours to get back up to its full capacity.


I believe that the noise created by a robot vacuum is often overlooked far more than it realistically should be. As I write this review in July 2020, there are enough ‘quiet’ options out there that there’s simply no need for a robot vacuum that sounds like a jet taking off. Fortunately, the Bagotte BG700 is about as quiet as it gets in this area, coming in at 55 dB.

If decibels don’t mean that much to you, I can say from experience that you’ll have no trouble hearing the television over this device, even if it’s cleaning the room you’re in, and you won’t need to raise your voice to have a conversation. Indeed, if you like to schedule your cleans overnight, I can’t see the BG700 getting in the way unless you’re a particularly light sleeper.


HEPA filters remain the standard in robot vacuums. The BG600 included one, so including anything else would represent an unfathomable step backwards. There are no such issues here, and the Bagotte BG700 is perfectly suitable for anyone with pets and/or allergies, without compromising on performance.


And now we come to the biggest upgrade over the BG600. If you owned the original model, you undoubtedly grew fond of the accompanying remote control. However, if you’ve got wifi in your home, it must have crossed your mind that you may have been missing out. Do you want clean floors when you get home from work? Maybe you’d like to get a large chunk of the housework out of the way while you’re out shopping.

On the BG600, that was nothing but a pipe dream. On the BG700, it’s a reality. This ranks among the best-connected robot vacuums in existence, and I’m not talking solely about Bagotte models here. The mobile app is fast, responsive and impeccably designed, and you can also control the Bagotte BG700 with your voice using Amazon’s Alexa and also Google Home devices.

Pleasingly enough, the infrared remote control also makes its return to handle all your activation and scheduling needs without having to bend down.

There is one slight downside to the connectivity on the BG700, in that the device is, at the time of this review, only compatible with the 2.4 GHz spectrum. I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s often less efficient than its 5 GHz counterpart. Fortunately, you won’t be streaming Netflix on your robot vacuum, so issues are rare.


The Bagotte BG700 is rather clever, especially at this price point. You’ll receive an introduction to its qualities as soon as you open the box, as it comes with a roll of boundary tape. You can place this anywhere you don’t want the robot vacuum to cross and your device will treat it like a wall – it’s most commonly used to protect food bowls and areas with dragging cables.

As I’ve touched on previously, this robovac is smarter than the average cleaner and goes beyond simple boundary strips to choose its route. There’s the single room clean, where your robot vacuum will constantly check for doorways. If it encounters one, it’ll treat that like a wall too – no strips required.

You can also ask the BG700 to focus on the edges of one or more rooms. These edges are the bane of most circular robovacs and the random travel pattern means that they can become neglected. However, with this setting active, the robot vacuum will go out of its way to stick closely to walls and other edges in your home.

Finally, the Bagotte BG700 incorporates sensors in every direction, which aids in avoiding obstacles. I can still remember using my Roomba 671, which is still an excellent robot vacuum and a great choice for anyone on a budget that wants the Roomba brand. However, collision avoidance wasn’t a speciality. To be blunt, it only knew about obstacles when it charged into them. While not 100% perfect, the sensors on the BG700 ensure that if a collision does happen, it will be at a very low speed.

Bagotte BG700 – Pros and Cons

  • Sleek, slim design that looks good in the home and enables impressive cleaning coverage
  • Typically fantastic smart functionality through apps and voice control, with a separate remote
  • Excellent combination of battery life and dust capacity to do whole homes without a break
  • Fairly average suction power by current standards
  • Not necessarily a huge upgrade for those that already own the BG600
  • Doesn’t exceed its price point by way of features – although it still represents value for money

Bagotte BG700 – The Verdict

I won’t pretend that I lay awake at night wondering if and when I’d get the chance to review another robot vacuum from Bagotte. However, the success of the BG600 convinced me that the company wasn’t going to end things there. Perhaps they shifted their focus while the BG600 held down the fort – they also produce juicers and air fryers, among other things. What I will say is that the Bagotte BG700 was well worth the wait and it represents a genuine upgrade over the previous model.


Bagotte BG700 Review

There’s more power on paper, and it’s used so much more intelligently. The navigation is top class for the price range, and this is a prime example of what a robot vacuum looks like in 2020. Incredibly, at regular prices, you can pick up the BG700 for around £20 more than the BG600. Even if you don’t have wifi in your home, the sheer intelligence of this device over its predecessor makes it a no-brainer.  Indeed, while it’s not a bad problem to have, Bagotte has effectively made one of the best-selling robot vacuums of all time obsolete – although that might have been the plan all along. The Bagotte BG700 is about as good as it gets at this price point, and it’s a contender for inclusion during the next revision of our guide to the best robot vacuums around.

Bagotte BG700 – Questions and Answers

Does the Bagotte BG700 Work with Alexa?

The Bagotta BG700 is fully compatible with Alexa and also works with Google Home too. You can control it with your voice and use the mobile app or remote control for any other tasks that come to mind. It works with all Echo devices, including the standard version, Echo Dot and Echo Show.

Is the Bagotte BG700 Better than the Bagotte BG600?

I plan to delve into this question in more detail soon and will update here accordingly. However, the short answer is yes, very much so. For an extra £20 or so, you’re getting what I’d consider an additional £100+ of features. Don’t be fooled by the slight power increase and identical dust box: the BG700 is smart enough to make the BG600 look positively stupid by comparison.

Is the Bagotte BG700 Suitable for Pet Hair?

The BG700 wasn’t designed specifically with pets in mind, but I’ve decided that pet robovacs are something of a gimmick and a robot vacuum can either cope or it can’t. Between the HEPA filter, strong suction and intelligent power switch between hard floors and carpets, pet owners should have no qualms about giving the BG700 a go.

If you have any further questions about the Bagotte BG700, please leave a comment below!

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