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At the time of writing, the Bagotte BG800 is the top of the range model from the manufacturer, joining the Bagotte BG600 and BG700 in a relatively small but hugely impressive range. I’m a huge fan of the BG600, with the only real issue being the lack of connectivity. However, it was rendered all but obsolete by the BG700, which I reviewed recently. For a slight increase in price, owners will receive a robot vacuum that goes above and beyond anything its predecessor could hope to achieve. It would be wrong to expect such a leap from the BG700 to BG800, especially given how closely together they launched. However, the brand is sue to have a few tricks up its sleeve and I’ll tell you all about them in the upcoming review.

  • Value for Money 85% 85%
  • Battery Life 80% 80%
  • Durability 85% 85%
  • Suction Power 97% 97%
  • Noise 80% 80%
  • Connectivity 97% 97%

Key Features

  • Sleek and stylish with a premium finish befitting the top of the Bagotte range
  • Excellent connectivity across mobile apps, Alexa and Google Home
  • Hugely impressive suction power at 2,200 Pa
  • Mapping for a more efficient clean and surface cover review
  • Over a dozen collision sensors to avoid obstacles and stairs
  • A full set of spares included in the box

Bagotte BG800 Price and Manufacturer Specs

Bagotte Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Wi-Fi Connected, Map, Upgraded 2200Pa Suction Robotic Vacuum, Alexa & App Control, Smart Navigation, Super-Thin, Self-Charging, for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors
  • NEWER, STRONGER, SMARTER: The all-new BG Robot with upgraded stronger 2200Pa suction power for absolute cleanliness. The intelligent navigation system saves 50% cleaning time and guarantees twice the efficiency compared to a standard robot vacuum.
  • Wi-Fi CONNECTION*: Thanks for the Bagotte App, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control the BG Robot anytime by your voice commands or smartphone. Monitor the real-time cleaning progress* and battery status via the app.
  • AUTOBOOST TECHNOLOGY: The robotic vacuum will automatically increase the suction power to the MAX level when extra vacuuming strength is required on your carpets. Preset the LOW suction power at night to ensure a stable sleep for your children.
  • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE: Numerous cleaning modes (Auto / Random / Edge / Spot) and 3 levels of suction power (MAX / Auto / Low) allow you to highly customize the cleaning. Set the routine schedule so you can focus on something more important.
  • AMAZING ADDITIONS: Anti-scratch surface made of high-grade glass. 2.7" extremely slim design. Flexible wheels effortlessly overcome carpets, door strips & thresholds. Practical magnetic tape to ensure that the BG Robot only cleans where you want.

Our Bagotte BG800 Robot Vacuum Review

It’s not often I’ll lay eyes on a robot vacuum and immediately think “that looks the part.” However, while the familiar black circle so prevalent in the robot vacuum industry is present and correct, there’s an impressive toughened glass finish to the top of the robot. If nothing else, it makes it clear that this is positioned at the top of the range, at least for now. It also makes for a more luxurious appearance than either of the lower models and a bit of a fashion item for the robovac world.

I’ll be clear early in this review. I loved the Bagotte BG600 and adored the BG700 even more. I came into this review hopeful that the Bagotte BG800 was even better. At the risk of spoiling the review, I’ll say that it is an improvement, even on the BG700. However, it’s slightly more challenging to justify the price increase.

In the Box

If I’ve learned anything about Bagotte in reviewing their three robot vacuums released to date, it is that they know how to strike a balance with the box contents. You won’t be awestruck by the number of accessories and spare parts, but it should be a few years before you need to consider ordering some separate extras.

In this case, you’ll receive the BG800 itself (take a moment to appreciate it when you first see that tempered glass finish), along with the charging base station. The remote control, which is perfect for those without wifi or anyone that doesn’t require online features, comes with the customary pair of AAA batteries to get you up and running.

As with both Bagotte robot vacuums that came before, this one is fully compatible with boundary strips, and you’ll receive a two-metre roll in the box. You’ll receive hard copies of the app installation guide and user manual (digital versions are available on the Bagotte website here), along with a replacement HEPA filter and four extra side brushes for when the originals have run their race.

Cleaning and Capacity

The dust box capacity on the Bagotte BG800 is easy enough to explain, so I’ll get that out of the way first. It uses the same 0.6-litre dust box found on other models from the manufacturer and meets the standard that we at Robovac expect from any model as a baseline. As I’ll explain in more detail later, it might have lagged behind the suction power!

Speaking of which, a Bagotte BG800 in full flight ranks among the most powerful robot vacuums we have ever encountered. At the time of writing, the 2,200 Pa put forth by this model is matched only by two robot vacuums we’ve reviewed so far: Eufy’s RoboVac L70 Hybrid (which also mops) and the highly regarded Lefant T700. This trio gets users firmly into the territory of upright vacuums in terms of what they can suck up.

While there’s more to cleaning capabilities than pascals and ratings, the chances are that anything your vacuum cleaner of choice can pick up, the Bagotte BG800 can too.

As introduced in the first paragraph, that leads to a case of not all dust boxes being created equally. As you might expect, a 0.6-litre capacity box fills up much more quickly with 2,200 Pa of suction going to work. The Bagotte BG600 boasts 1,500 Pa and the same 0.6-litre dust box, but you won’t have to empty it as often as you would the BG800.

Battery and Charging

The Robovac team rarely go beyond timings in this section of each review, but I’d like to spend some time covering what you can really expect from your BG800 as there’s more than might initially meet the eye.

The stats are as good a place as ever to begin, and the BG800 officially lasts for around 100-120 mins on a full charge. It will then require approximately five hours to recharge to capacity from empty.

We’ve reviewed dozens of robot vacuums here at Robovac, and one reason that so few have upped the power levels to these heights is the strain it places on the battery. On low suction settings, you’ll receive those 100 minutes of cleaning capacity. If you’re all out on the maximum setting, you can expect closer to half an hour.

Bagotte hasn’t ignored the conundrum, and the BG800 is potentially the most intelligent robovac around in terms of navigation at this price point. Nevertheless, if you expect to require upright vacuum cleaner levels of suction power regularly, such as with messy kids or shed-happy pets, consider whether thirty minutes of cleaning time will cover the whole floor in your home.

As a big fan of the BG800, I don’t want to be too negative. In the interest of balanced coverage, this isn’t an issue of this robot vacuum. The same issues will affect any robovac that ups the power to these levels. I already commented (ranted) about how batteries hold back technology and robot vacuums in the BG700 review, so I won’t go into any more detail on my personal opinions here!


In regular use (read not maximum power), the Bagotte BG800 is impressively quiet. At 55 dB – like other Bagotte robovacs – it is quieter than a normal conversation. In line with what I said about the BG700, that’s quiet enough to speak over, watch television over or even sleep through unless you’re particularly sensitive. I’ll often schedule a clean for overnight as it’s the only time I can be sure there won’t be kids running around. With the 70 dB of the Roomba 981, that wasn’t happening. With the BG800, I could convince the kids that the magic fairies had been in for a tidy up while they slept.

Once again, I have to put this into the context of power levels. On the automatic or low settings, everything I said above remains true. Whatever you do, don’t schedule the BG800 to clean while you sleep if it’s set to maximum suction. It won’t make the walls shake, but you may not get the peaceful night’s rest you may have hoped for.


There’s not much to say about the filters. HEPA filters are the gold standard, and they’re also the standard when it comes to Bagotte devices. You’ll receive one built into the main unit when it arrives, and a well-wrapped spare.

If you didn’t appreciate Bagotte previously, you might like them that little bit more when you see that the official spares kit – available on Amazon here – won’t set you back much more than £20. For that, you’ll receive four more side brushes, two filters and a new roller brush.


The Bagotte BG600 was a charming device, but a simple one. It checked all the boxes unless you wanted connectivity. Holding it back in the face of competition from the likes of the Eufy RoboVac 15C MAX in its prime was the fact that owners had two cleaning options; either bend over and hit the button or use the infrared remote.

As noted, those same options remain with the Bagotte BG800, along with several more. I can only assume that, in the year or so between the launch of the BG600 and its two successors, Bagotte found themselves a network engineer. Both the BG800 and BG700 are about as sociable as robot vacuums get, regardless of price point.

The mobile app works with iOS and Android and enables users to control everything the robot vacuum is capable of. Obviously, this includes starting and stopping a clean, but extends to setting the cleaning mode, scheduling cleans and receiving notifications when a clean completes or your robovac encounters an issue.

Voice control is available courtesy of Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Setup takes place through the Bagotte app, and while functionality is limited to starting and stopping a clean at the time of writing, it can come in handy if you remember to clean the floors while you’re in the middle of washing up!

One final note when it comes to connectivity is that the BG800, like the BG700, only works over 2.4GHz frequencies and cannot communicate over 5GHz networks.


There are two critical differences between the BG700 and BG800. The first is the suction power at full pelt, which I’ve already discussed extensively. The other is in the navigation.

Now, the BG700 is no slouch. It also supports the same boundary strips as the BG800 and is far more intelligent than the BG600. However, even with all its tricks, it still feels a little undereducated compared to the BG800.

The main event and most significant selling point of the BG800 is its take on mapping.

“Mapping?!” I hear you say. “You don’t get mapping on robovacs in this price range!”

Well, you do, and you don’t. If you’re familiar with mapping on robot vacuums, you might think of devices like the Roborock S5. That robot vacuum doesn’t come with boundary strips, because it doesn’t need them. Users can set routes, block areas and exert full control over where their robot vacuum goes using the Roborock app. However, the S5 also costs almost twice as much as the BG800.

What this robot vacuum will do is track where it has been and present it through the app in map form. In effect, the BG800 draws the map, not the user. For you, that means you can ensure the robot covered the surfaces you wanted it to. For the robot vacuum, it can be more efficient. It will refer to the map to see where it has already been, while actively avoiding going over the same area twice. It’s that kind of efficiency that ensures that the 30 minutes of battery life on full power may not be the deal-breaker it appears.

Beyond the mapping and boundary strips, the BG800 is also equipped with the same infrared sensors of its sibling, ensuring that it won’t fall down the stairs and, for the most part, will actively avoid obstacles and furniture without the need to collide with them at full force first!

Bagotte BG800 – Pros and Cons

  • A typically sleek and stylish design from Bagotte, emphasised by a luxury finish
  • Top of the line suction power with 2,200 Pa – enough to rival the strongest robovacs around
  • Clever navigation for a quicker, more efficient clean
  • Strong suction requires tradeoffs in battery life and noise levels
  • Mapping functionality not as fleshed-out as on more expensive models
  • Unsuitable for high-pile carpets

Bagotte BG800 – The Verdict

If you want power from your robot vacuum and something that rivals your upright for sheer suction, it does not get any better than the Bagotte BG800 at the time of publication. However, it’s essential to consider the practicalities of maximum power. To reach that kind of cleaning prowess, you’ll trade off battery life and have to live with a little more noise. You’ll almost certainly find yourself needing to empty the dustbin more frequently than you might be used to.


Bagotte BG800 Review

That trade-off might well be worth it. There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing that the robot vacuum sat in your home is capable of the most power possible. I’ll take nothing away from the fact that this is an impressive piece of kit with plenty of features. Along with power, it’s hard to find any robot vacuum with more connectivity options. Whether you prefer ordering it around or tapping your phone, you’ll have clean floors as a result. It’s an intelligent device too, and quite the marvel considering the price. It’s a worthy purchase and one you won’t regret, although I’d personally edge towards the BG700 assuming the BG800 remains around £30 more expensive.


Bagotte BG800 – Questions and Answers

Does the Bagotte BG800 Work with Alexa?

Unlike the BG600, and joining the BG700 in having the functionality, the Bagotte BG800 does indeed work with Amazon Alexa. That goes for all Echo devices, and any of the growing number of third party devices to include Alexa built-in. It goes a step further, too, in being compatible with voice controls through Google Home devices.

Is the Bagotte BG800 Better than the Bagotte BG600?

Without a doubt. The Bagotte BG800 is simply superior to the BG800 in every area. With that said, the improvements do come at a price. Another £50 on top of the BG600 at RRP isn’t insignificant. In some specific circumstances, such as you don’t have wifi or would prefer not to connect your robot vacuum to the internet, then the BG600 edges back into the lead.

Is the Bagotte BG800 Better than the Bagotte BG700

This one isn’t entirely as cut and dried. On paper, the answer is another resounding ‘yes’. However, in practical terms, things aren’t quite as clear. I mentioned in the Bagotte BG700 review that the £20 price difference between the BG600 and BG700 feels like £100+ in upgrades. The approximate £30 difference between the BG700 and BG800 doesn’t come close to that. It’s very close. If both were the same price, I’d give the BG800 the nod. However, I’d personally rather have the Bagotte BG700 and £30 than the BG800 only.

Is the Bagotte BG800 Suitable for Pet Hair?

Again, without a doubt. The Bagotte BG800 ties with only a couple of other robot vacuums for sheer power. You could shave the cat, jog on the spot on the pile of fur for a minute and then let the BG800 get to work with excellent results. The HEPA filter is a handy bonus, as is the compatibility with boundary strips, which can be placed in a way that it doesn’t knock the water bowl over.

If you have any further questions about the Bagotte BG800, please leave a comment below!

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