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As far as big names go in the world of robotic vacuum cleaners, we have to admit that Coredy is not one of them. However, they are intent on making their products speak for themselves and the Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner has clearly found itself in something of a sweet spot for price. It sits around the £200 mark at RRP, but it is usually discounted on Amazon and then discounted even further with coupons and other offers. Realistically, this model is up against the likes of the ILIFE V3S Pro, an excellent robot vacuum which, at least on the surface, appears to boast similar features. As good as the ILIFE model is, there is always room for improvement, and we go through the various features and factors that Coredy brings to the table in the full review below.

  • Value for Money 80% 80%
  • Battery Life 82% 82%
  • Durability 90% 90%
  • Suction Power 72% 72%
  • Noise 72% 72%
  • Connectivity 75% 75%

Key Features

  • Designed to be slim at 2.68 inches tall for easy access under furniture
  • Comes bundled with an infra-red remote control
  • Strong suction at the price at 1,400 Pa, suitable for thin carpets and hard floors
  • Supports scheduled cleaning using the remote control
  • Excellent battery life with 2 hours runtime on a full charge
  • HEPA filter makes for excellent results for pet owners and allergy sufferers

This review is the first opportunity that we have had to experience a Coredy robot vacuum, and it is clear that they have a plan in mind. While there are a couple of alternative models out there from the same manufacturer, the R500+ strikes us as being the flagship one, at least in the UK.

The pricing strategy is an interesting one as you’ll often find the Coredy R500+ sitting around the £200 mark. Such a price puts it into direct competition with the Eufy RoboVac 11S, a robotic cleaner that we consider superior in just about every way. However, a more realistic outlook for the R500+ is the £150 price point, and that is a significant reduction. As mentioned in the introduction, that reduces the direct comparisons down to the likes of the ILIFE V3S Pro, and that is a robovac where the Coredy stands every chance of being able to compete.

Whatever the Coredy R500+ does differently to the norm, it is not in the design. It is a familiar look and feel, although coloured accents on the black circle enable it to stand out in the crowd somewhat. You won’t gather friends around when you receive this model to show them how good your robot vacuum looks, but you might well appreciate the slimline design.

At 7.2 cm in height, the Coredy beats the ILIFE by 0.4 cm, which sounds relatively insignificant. It always does until your robot vacuum is just a couple of millimetres too high to get under the television cabinet or something like that and is a worthy consideration for anyone with lower-profile furniture.

The direct power of the model is impressive for the price, and the 1,400 Pa of suction found on this model should be more than capable of picking up anything in its way in conjunction with the brushes.

It is not often that we devote specific attention to the brushes on any robot vacuum, but they represent a standout feature on this model. If you’ve read our ILIFE V3S Pro review, you’ll have noticed that they overcome the tangling issue with pet hair and long hair by removing the main brush altogether. The Coredy R500+ markets itself as being equally capable of dealing with pet hair, but has the edge in cleaning capabilities through patented brush technology. These brushes are particularly useful for picking up pet hair and dander, but without any of the tangling that seasoned robot vacuum veterans will be accustomed to.

Another highlight that screams ‘value for money’ is the battery life on the R500+. The unit is limited in that it can only reasonably cope with hard floors and thin carpets, but if that’s what you have spread over a larger area, this robot vacuum stands every chance of keeping up. Once fully charged, it will proceed to clean for up to two hours unimpeded, which guarantees a thorough clean of one floor and potentially the same result on two.

The unit does admittedly take five hours to recharge back to full from an empty battery, but as we have said many times before, we cannot imagine too many potential buyers needing a full charge more than once a day. That leaves a whole night to get back on top form, and this vacuum does not disappoint.

Where the Coredy R500+ truly stands out at this price range is through its wet and dry cleaning capabilities. You might not know it from opening the box, as there is no water tank included. However, you can purchase the Coredy 300 ml Water Tank separately and add it on to your unit as required. The tank itself comes with a mop attached and can add some extra sparkle to hard floors – although we would advise its removal before returning to carpets!

We would not consider this model as a true robot vacuum/robot mop hybrid, as its performance falls some way short of dedicated models. However, some users prefer a little added polish, even if the results are not exactly professional. This is why it makes some sense to keep the water tank separate from the main package. It retails at around £20, and if you add that on to the R500+’s price, you’re competing with a whole new tier of robot vacuums.

Another feature that this Coredy supports without letting on is barrier strips. They’re not exactly virtual walls, but they have undoubtedly played a part in the continued success of some mid-range robot vacuums like the Eufy RoboVac 30C. The Coredy R500+ has the sensors it needs to treat the strips like a regular wall. However, as with the water tank, no strips are included in the core package. Around £20 will buy you two metres of Coredy’s official boundary strips, and we can sympathise once more with keeping it out of the main box to keep costs down.

Coredy R500+ – Pros and Cons

  • Outstanding cleaning at the price point between suction and brushes
  • Patented tangle-free brushes ideal for pet owners
  • Remote control and scheduling function combine for excellent convenience
  • No connectivity beyond included remote control
  • Unable to cope with anything more than thin carpets and hard floors
  • No barrier strips included in the main package

Coredy R500+ – The Verdict

While the Coredy R500+ is a decent robot vacuum in its own right, it is among the only significant models to give off the impression of being a robovac starter kit. Buy the unit pictured and you will have all you need to clean any home, large or small, to a decent standard. That’s thanks in no small part to adequate suction and hugely impressive battery life. However, the cleaning potential of this unit can be customised as the user sees fit for their own needs. We can appreciate the idea of keeping costs down by releasing compatible accessories separately, although this still needs to be factored into the final price if you plan to make use of them. If the boundary strips appeal, for example, then by the time you’ve bought several packs of 2m strips, you may as well have gone all out on the upgrade and purchased the superior Eufy RoboVac 30C in the first place. Expectations must also be tempered on the wet/dry cleaning capabilities too – don’t buy this if you want a fully-fledged robot mop, but do consider it if you just want an extra sheen when the dirt is up.


Coredy R500+ Review

There is a lot of tech packed into a model at this price, but we have to admit that the one thing this Coredy robot vacuum fails to do is excite us. If they had packed in all the accessories at this price, then we may have had reason to celebrate. As it stands, however, we have a decent core that you have the option to upgrade over time. There are reasons to be cheerful, particularly concerning the overall battery life, but what you get for your cash here is a reliable robot vacuum, but not a spectacular one. Those that plump for the Coredy R500+ will not be disappointed, but we cannot help thinking that they may wonder what might have been if they had plumped for a modest upgrade. Incidentally, we compared the Coredy to the ILIFE V3S Pro earlier, and while both have potential, we feel that the latter just edges ahead.

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