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Lefant is a robot vacuum brand that rarely disappoints and we came into this review hopeful of big things from the recently launched Lefant T700. Their M300 model has proven rather popular among visitors here on the site, and while it did not quite trouble the rankings of the best robot vacuums around currently, it came in with a decent 85% score, and at a truly impressive price point. The T700 comes in at just over double the price but for that kind of money you’re looking at better suction, a sleeker design, more connectivity and, perhaps most crucially of all, mopping functionality. Wet cleans have been hit and miss on robot vacuums that we’ve reviewed in recent months, although the likes of the Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid have ensured that we’re clearly moving in the right direction. That one performed well, and we have faith in this one too – so let’s see what the T700 has in store for us.

  • Value for Money 88% 88%
  • Battery Life 90% 90%
  • Durability 85% 85%
  • Suction Power 90% 90%
  • Noise 85% 85%
  • Connectivity 93% 93%

Key Features

  • Combined vacuuming and mopping in an intelligent robot
  • Excellent connectivity with a mobile app, hardware remote control and support for Amazon Alexa/Google Home
  • Ideal suction at 1,800 Pa and good dust box capacity at 0.6 litres
  • Good battery life of 120 minutes to cope with both floors of a standard home
  • Not the quietest robot vacuum around at 70 dB, but certainly manageable
  • Includes a HEPA filter and choice of brush fittings for pet owners

Lefant T700 Price and Manufacturer Specs

Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mop, Robotic Vacuum, 2200Pa Suction, Self-Charging, Works with Google/Alexa/Wi-Fi, Quiet, Slim, Perfect for Pet Hairs, Snacks, Hard Floors, Low Pile Carpet T700
  • Advanced FreeMove Technology: T700 robotic vacuum has built-in whole-body sensors to prevent it from getting stuck under furniture. The small body makes it easy to glide under the sofa and bed, and prevent collision with furniture and wall by anti-collision sensor. Don't need to worry about any potential stuck or falling off stairs.
  • Voice & App & Remote Control with Wifi: Use Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands to start and stop cleaning. You can directly control, schedule, adjust suction and water tank output, change cleaning modes by APP or remote controller , enjoy the intelligence and comfort of Lefant robot vacuum at anytime.
  • Easy and Thorough Cleaning: The robot vacuum has four different modes to meet your needs, spot clean mode, for the dirty area if you want to clean fast. Edge clean mode, for effectively clean dirty of wall and furniture corner. The intelligent navigation system, which effectively avoids repeated or missing clean. Electronic precise control of every drop of water for mopping, keep your home clean without any water stain.
  • Effective and Quiet: 120min running time for clean 150m², and it will automatically return to charge when it is in low battery or aftering complete cleaning. 2200Pa suction for sweeping away dust, hair and crumbs, ideal for tiles, hardwood floors, and carpets. Noise min to 50dB won't disturb your daily life.
  • What You Get: T700 Robot vacuum cleaner, remote control (2 AAA batteries included), charging base, AC power adapter, water box, 2pc high-performance filters, 2 mopping cloth, 4 side brushes, roller brush assembly, suction assembly, quick guide and user manual, and our worry-free 12-month warranty.

Our Lefant T700 Robot Vacuum and Mop Review

Lefant has done extremely well to get to where it is today on the back of a relatively small range – at least in comparison to the likes of Eufy and Roomba – but with true quality on display. As mentioned in the introduction the M300 competes well with other robot vacuums around the same kind of price point and while it is not exactly the most exciting model on the market, it gets the job done without breaking the bank – while also coming in third place in our feature on the best budget robot vacuums.

The Lefant T700 doesn’t qualify for that conversation as it is around double the price of the M300 unless you find a particularly good deal. However, as we have come to expect from Chinese manufacturers, one thing you can always be sure of is great value for money. A quick glance at our own list of key features above, along with the manufacturer specs, should be enough to indicate that there isn’t much that this robovac cannot do, even if you fancy a wet clean on the hard floors throughout your home.

In the Box

We’re still taken by surprise when we open a robot vacuum box and find a device that is more than just a black circle, but Lefant clearly gets the job done here with a nice red finish around the edges and across some of the accessories. You’ll immediately feel like you’ve got what you paid for when you get in there thanks to the sheer amount of hardware you have to play with. There’s the robot vacuum itself, the docking station and separate cleaning brush – don’t forget to put that in before you get started, mop pads, brushes and a spare filter, the dust box and water tank and finally a remote control.

Cleaning and Capacity

While we’ll get on to the mopping functionality in due course, there is no better place to start with the Lefant T700 than with its standard robot vacuuming functionality. Simply put, this robovac does everything you’d expect it to at this price point. There are cheaper robot vacuums out there that can match or beat the 1,800 Pa suction on offer here, along with some, such as the Eufy RoboVac 15C MAX, which offer even more, but 1,800 Pa is something of a sweet spot. Unless your floors are treated like a building site, cleaning with the Lefant T700 a couple of times each week will ensure that everything stays nice and clean. The suction is also backed by three-step cleaning, including auto, spot and edge modes to get the job done regardless of the part of your home in which it’s working.

The dust box comes in at 0.6 litres, which is precisely the kind of number we look out for. In practice, it means you can do both floors in an average house without emptying the device and if you decide to make use of the scheduling functionality on a single floor, you won’t need to remember to empty it every single day.

Something that stands out about this robot vacuum over and above the competition is that you get a choice of brushes – something that we have never seen before. For pet owners, we tend to find that robot vacuums go from one extreme to another. If you don’t have pet hair to contend with, then a standard brush such as the one found on the Roomba 671 will get the job done, while at the budget end for pet owners, you have the likes of the ILIFE V3S Pro, which goes without a brush altogether. At a higher price point, you have something like the Neato D701 with its tangle-free rubber brush. That’s all well and good, but the Lefant T700 is the first robot vacuum to offer users a genuine choice.

There are two roller assemblies in the box; one for general cleaning and one to focus on suction and the elimination of long hairs. To compare to the robot vacuums already mentioned, the roller brush puts the T700 in what we would consider as being Roomba 671 mode, with the brush helping to eliminate ground in dirt. The suction assembly emulates the V3S Pro, where you lose the added ability to dislodge dirt, but don’t have to spend half an hour cutting hair off your roller bristles afterwards.

We’re always happy with a choice, so we consider the options here as being a superb addition.

Battery and Charging

The Lefant T700 will keep on going for as long as you need it to. It boasts 120 minutes of cleaning on a single charge, which is well within the realms of what we would expect from a robot vacuum with these capabilities and sat at this price point. In practical terms, it will do both floors of that good old average home without needing to return to base. If it does need to head back home, it will do so automatically and start charging immediately.

If you’d prefer more control over proceedings, you can use the mobile app or remote control to choose one of three power settings, with a focus on greater suction or longer cleaning time. The middle setting strikes a good balance and you’ll rarely need to deviate from it, but if it’s your first clean, you might want to prioritise power and then stay on top of things from that point onwards.


We were pretty impressed by the noise levels on the Lefant T700. This isn’t one of the quietest robot vacuums that we have ever reviewed but if you want a device that gets the job done with sufficient suction without interfering with your nightly television viewing, you’ll have no issues here, even at full power. Officially, it comes in at around 70dB, so while Lefant itself bills the T700 as being silent and while that’s not quite the case, it is close enough and you’ll barely even know that it’s there.


Lefant strikes gold with the filter setup, with a HEPA filter included as standard and a spare in the box. It doesn’t get any better than that on robot vacuums, so you’ll have no concerns at all with dirt and dust escaping the dust box and floating around the room once the job is done.


With so many manufacturers opting to drop the standard remote control when there is support for a mobile app, it is refreshing to see Lefant do no such thing. This is one area in which the T700 receives a massive leg up on the M300, where the bargain-basement price is achieved in part through the lack of connectivity options and not even so much as a remote control.

That is not the case here on the M300, however, which boasts all the connectivity you could conceivably need from such a device. There’s wi-fi connectivity, backed by support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home setups, and a mobile app that works across all iOS and Android devices. If you’d rather keep things simple and reduce app clutter on your phone or tablet, the infra-red remote control can do most of what the app does, from starting and stopping a clean to setting up a schedule.

Mopping on the Lefant T700

In covering the robot vacuum itself, we have a device that is capable, if perhaps not as flashy as the red accents on the robot might suggest. What could put it over the edge as a popular choice is the mopping capabilities contained herein.

A common question among those in the market for a combined robot vacuum and robotic mop is whether it can do both at the same time. The quick answer is that the Lefant T700 cannot, not least because you need to swap out the dust box for the water tank to change modes.

The Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid is the best robovac/robomop hybrid that we have encountered thus far and the T700 is not quite as good in the mopping department specifically. However, it is good enough and gets the job done, and it is impossible to forget that this model is literally less than half the price. You don’t get the laser guidance and precise controls on the Lefant like you do on the Eufy, but what you do get is a sparkling floor, which is often all you can ask for.

We still don’t feel that we’re at a point where a robotic mop can take over from a manual scrub in the way a robovac can for vacuuming, but if you are happy with a clean floor but perhaps a few leftover marks in corners and on edges, the T700 performs well. It doesn’t cause puddles and uses just enough water to get the job done without preventing your surfaces from drying quickly, so we consider the mopping on this unit as being a triumph.


We don’t expect much by way of bells and whistles when it comes to navigation on a robot vacuum at this price point, and that proves to be the case. As noted, it lacks the laser guidance found on something like the Eufy L70, and mainly relies on finding its way around the home through trial and error. Lefant states that the T700 incorporates intelligent navigation, but we didn’t find it to be any more intelligent than other models around this kind of price point.

Lefant T700 – Pros and Cons

  • Suction of 2,200 Pa that is more than capable of cleaning all but the longest carpets
  • Impressive mopping functionality, especially at the price
  • Suitable for homes of just about any size thanks to a combination of dust box and battery capacities
  • There are better robot vacuums out there at the price point if you do not require mopping features
  • Lacks some of the advanced features found on slightly more expensive models
  • While not having encountered any issues ourselves on iOS, we have seen reports of problems with downloading and connecting to the mobile app

Lefant T700 – The Verdict

The Lefant T700 is an impressive robot vacuum and mop combo and we would be happy to consider it as being the best of the bunch at this price point. When you factor in the advanced navigation and other perks on the Eufy RoboVac L70 Hybrid, we can honestly say that the T700 is not as good, but if you’d rather spend £300 than £500 on a mopping robot vacuum, you’ll find that the T700 is by no means a weak compromise. If you’re already sold on the Lefant name and were potentially considering the M300, we would encourage you to upgrade to the T700. It is obviously more expensive, but we feel that there is easily enough value there to impress thanks to better suction, the mopping capabilities and the added connectivity – there is always something to be said for being able to get your carpets cleaned even when you’re not at home, although in this case, that relies on you remembering to switch out the water tank for the dust box!


Lefant T700 Review

If you have laminate floors and hard surfaces, you have a decision to make. As a robot vacuum alone, we feel that there are plenty of better options out there at the same kind of price. At the time of this review, the Eufy RoboVac 15C MAX continues to sit proudly atop our list of the best robot vacuums, and we feel it represents more bang for your buck. Conversely, if you want the mopping function, the Eufy L70 Hybrid is the best money can buy today. However, as noted, if you’d rather have something almost as good and an extra £200 in your pocket, the Lefant T700 will get the job done in style.

Lefant T700 – Questions and Answers

Can the Lefant T700 Mop and Vacuum at the Same Time?

No. When vacuuming, you’ll fit the dust box to the unit to collect what it sucks up. When mopping, you’ll attach the water tank. Both take up the same space within the unit and so cannot be used at the same time.

Can I Wet Clean Carpets with the Lefant T700?

Technically you can, but neither we nor the manufacturer would recommend it. If you need a wet clean on carpets in the home, you’ll be far better off with a Rug Doctor as that will enable you to focus on stains. Indeed, the water flow out of the T700 is enough to apply a clean shine to hard floors, but not enough to make any real difference to the cleanliness of your carpets over and above what the vacuum functionality can achieve.

Can the Lefant T700 Cope with Pet Hair?

The T700 does very well indeed with pet hair. As mentioned in the full review above, we’re big fans of the fact that there are two separate brushes in the package. Back when the Roomba 671 was our main robot vacuum for home use, we used to have to take scissors to the rollers each week to free them of hair and get the cleaning capabilities back to normal. With the T700, if you have pets that shed a lot of hair, you can use the suction assembly to avoid tangling, while if you do not have excessive amounts of hair to worry about, you can tackle ground-in dirt with the conventional brush roller.

Does the Lefant T700 Work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home?

Yes, there’s a full suite of connectivity features on this model including apps and Wi-Fi. Voice commands are currently limited to starting and stopping a clean at the time of this review, but there is always scope for improvement in the future and the T700 does indeed work with both setups.

If you have any further questions about the Lefant T700, please leave a comment below!

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