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It’s a new year and time for another look at whether a robot vacuum is right for you. Things changed quite a bit in 2020, with some fantastic new models released. Whether you’ve been on the fence or haven’t had a new robotic cleaner in a few years, 2021 could be the year to take the plunge.

No matter the year, these handy little devices aren’t perfect, although they’re pretty close to being an essential addition to your home and cleaning routines. I’m used to pointing out pros and cons as part of my robot vacuum reviews, but let’s take a look at three of each, covering robot vacuums as a whole!

The Pros

There are some great reasons to get your hands on a robotic vacuum cleaner, and I’ve picked out the following to spotlight if you’re close but not entirely convinced:

Robot Vacuums Will Make a Real Difference to Your Cleaning Routine

Robot vacuums aren’t just there for show and they really do achieve what they claim to. Whether you like to schedule regular cleans or prefer to get things done manually – which in this case involves hitting a button on the device or in the app – they’ll make both carpets and hard floors far prettier to look at.

I’ll discuss this in more detail in the cons below, but while even the most powerful robot vacuum won’t replace your upright just yet, you can probably cut down the hard work to once every couple of weeks. As for how much a pro that makes it, that depends on how often you clean the floors now!

The Right Robot Vacuum Can Check Multiple Items Off the Chore List

If you decide to go for a relatively cheap robotic cleaner, you can still rest assured that it will get the job done, keeping carpets and hard floors clean and tidy. However, if you have more hard floors than carpets, you might want to choose one with a mopping function. Just as a robotic vacuum won’t quite replace an upright, a robotic mop won’t replace the real thing and you can still expect to have to give it some elbow grease every few weeks. However, if you spend a lot of time at home, the mopping function on many recent robot vacuums is often outstanding.

Essentially, the right device can replace the bulk of vacuuming and mopping in your home, and it makes a lot of sense to take the time to decide exactly what works best for you.

Robot Vacuums Can Reach the Spots You Can’t

Whether you’re a minimalist or it’s hard to move around your home due to the sheer amount of furniture, there are undoubtedly places in your home that can be hard to reach with a conventional vacuum cleaner. Even if you’re perfectly fit, you might not want to get down on your hands and knees to get under tables, TV cabinets and other fixtures.

If you struggle with moving around or bending over, then a robot vacuum could be just what you’re looking for. As long as it can physically get to an area of the floor, it will clean it. That means under the aforementioned tables and cabinets, and anywhere else that the aforementioned uprights might struggle to reach.

The Cons

I won’t go as far as to say that robot vacuums aren’t for everyone. I’m slightly biased, but I do believe that they have a place in every home. However, there are always considerations with any tech cleaning product, and I’d suggest keeping the following three pointers in mind while choosing the right robot vacuum for you.

You’ll Still Need a ‘Proper’ Vacuum Cleaner

We’re not yet at a point where a robotic vacuum can completely replace its larger counterparts. I wrote a slightly tongue in cheek article a while ago discussing the idea of a robot vacuum for stairs, and we’re not there yet. I’d hazard a guess that the stairs don’t see as much wear as some other floor surfaces in your home, so it’s perfectly fine to leave it until you do a full clean.

However, if you prefer to keep your stairs clean every bit as much as the other surfaces in your home, then a robot won’t get the job done. As mentioned above, they don’t quite measure up to uprights in terms of power either, so while you won’t have to clean as often as before you had a robotic vacuum cleaner, you won’t be able to get away without doing anything at all!

You Might Have to Keep Your Wits About You Before Each Clean

If you live in a house that features a multitude of trailing cables, or has rugs with tassels – basically anything that a robot vacuum could wrap around its brushes and rollers – then you need to remember to tidy them up before you initiate a clean.

I’m fortunate enough not to have to deal with rugs, but I do have the same unwieldy number of phone chargers and a young daughter that doesn’t exactly factor in the robot vacuum when leaving things on the floor. Some robovacs are better than others at recognising their surroundings and making the necessary adjustments, but in most cases, you’ll want to keep the floor as clear as you can of anything that the cleaner won’t simply bump into.

You Get What You Pay For

Is the above statement really a con? Perhaps not, as it applies to most things. However, the point remains that you can get a decent robot vacuum, such as this Deenkee model for comfortably under £200. However, you can just as easily spend upwards of £500 to get something noticeably better, and there are plenty of price points in between.

I liken buying a robot vacuum to buying a computer – go for the best you can afford today, as it’ll be future-proofed far more convincingly than one of the cheaper models.

With that said, there’s no need to break the bank unnecessarily. That Deenkee model above will clean floors with gusto, and if that’s all you’re looking for, there’s no need to spend unnecessarily. However, you might need to consider connectivity, more cleaning power, mapping and all the other potential bells and whistles that can see the price rising quickly.

The Pros and Cons of a Robot Vacuum – In Summary

I’ve hopefully provided a balanced overview of what a robot vacuum can and cannot bring to your cleaning schedule. I find them to be a fantastic addition to any home and they’ll definitely lighten the load of just about everyone – with the exception being those that don’t bother to vacuum in the first place!

However, if you want a handy helper that cuts down on your workload and will last for years if looked after correctly, there aren’t many better gadgets to introduce into your home.

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