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The Trifo Ironpie M6 does not boast the same kind of sales figures as more mainstream models, like iRobot’s Roombas and Eufy Robovacs. However, when we checked out the specs on this model, we felt we may well have a hidden gem on our hands. It is uncommon to find this mix of cleaning power and all-round technology at this price point, with 1,800 Pa of suction joined by an on-board camera and even direct app control – you can drive the Ironpie M6 around while seeing exactly what it sees and clean along the way too. It is available in both black and white variants, which is already more design options than with most robot vacuum cleaners, and with cleaning and connectivity to go with it, there is immediately a lot to like about this machine. Unlike many robot vacuums, Trifo has taken the connectivity to another level, as you can even use the app as a sort of home security tool – you can see what the vacuum sees through the camera at any time. Some may consider that as a novelty or gimmick, while others will utilise that functionality to its fullest potential. Either way, there is already plenty to like and we check out all the features in-depth in the full review below.

  • Value for Money 97% 97%
  • Battery Life 85% 85%
  • Durability 80% 80%
  • Suction Power 85% 85%
  • Noise 85% 85%
  • Connectivity 97% 97%

Key Features

  • On-board camera for outstanding navigation at this price point
  • Camera can be accessed remotely as part of a home security system
  • Excellent cleaning prowess with 1,800 Pa suction
  • Fantastic run time – cleans for 100 minutes on a single charge
  • Lightweight considering all the technology inside at just 2.7 kg
  • Manual control for precise cleaning – unheard of at this price point

Trifo Ironpie M6 Price and Manufacturer Specs

TRIFO Ironpie m6 Powerful Cordless Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Camera Navigation, App Manual Control & Self Charging – Black
  • Robotic cleaner – The Ironpie m6 keeps your home safe from dust, dirt and intruders using the multi-sensory system and smart visual navigation
  • App control – No matter where you are, you can easily schedule cleaning, check the real-time cleaning map, monitor your home and more
  • Efficient cleaning – It creates a 3D map of your home to select the most efficient route, avoid obstacles and runs longer than other robot vacuums
  • Powerful – Equipped with a powerful battery that enables up to 100 minutes of cleaning and features three different levels of suction for different cleaning needs
  • Info – Suitable for hard floor and low pile carpet. Features an auto return and recharge function when the battery runs below 15% or after every cleaning cycle.

Our Trifo Ironpie M6 Robot Vacuum Review

Trifo bills itself as an ‘AI home robot company’ so it is clear they have their eyes on more than just the robotic vacuum cleaner market. Admittedly, their full product range is not overly extensive at the time of our review, and their offering comes down to robot vacuums and servers. We’re no experts on the latter by any means, so our focus is on the Trifo Ironpie M6, which is quite possibly the most advanced robovac at this price point in existence.

As noted in the introduction, there is a choice to be made when you buy an Ironpie, as the M6 is available in both white and black. Other than that, we have reasonably standard robotic vacuum fare in appearance – the M6 does indeed look like an iron pie. Fortunately, at just 2.6 kg, the fact that it is made of plastic comes as something of a relief, especially for those that empty their robot vacuum frequently or need to use the same device across multiple floors.

Between the sensors and the camera, this robovac has its sights firmly set on the likes of the Roomba 981. That model from iRobot is rightly regarded among the very best robot vacuums ever made, and this model does enough to rival it in many regards, yet does so at around half the price.

In the Box

It goes without saying that we would never recommend a robot vacuum that comes with anything less than everything you need to get up and running without delay. The Trifo Ironpie certainly does not disappoint, with the unit itself being the star of the show. Joining it in the box is the charging base and accompanying power adapter, together with a high-efficiency filter, four side brushes, a tool to clean the robot vacuum and the standard user manual and quick-start guides that always come with tech like this.

Cleaning and Capacity

The cleaning power here is outstanding, and Trifo Ironpie M6 users will encounter a relatively familiar selection of brushes and filters, backed by excellent 1,800 Pa suction. On paper, this is slightly lower than the likes of the Eufy RoboVac 15C and RoboVac 11S, which launched with 2,000 Pa of suction. However, we always seek a robot vacuum that gets the job done, and the M6 does so in style while being suitable for all but the thickest carpets. Hard floors, along with low and medium-pile carpets, are no trouble at all.

There are ‘only’ two cleaning modes on this model. We say that because there are numerous robot vacuums out there that boast three or more. However, they’re rarely anything more than a novelty. We always advise readers to go off suction power first and foremost as it is that which will decide when and where the abilities of the robot vacuum cap out. There are three different suction levels too, and this is one robot vacuum that is more than intelligent enough to make the most of each and every one of them.

Battery and Charging

There’s plenty of tech on board the Trifo Ironpie M6, to the point that it could be forgiven for boasting a reduced battery life compared to its closest competitors. Fortunately, there’s no major compromise. The standard cleaning runtime clocks in at 100 minutes, which is right around the area we would expect. Do be aware, of course, that this covers cleaning only. If you like to spend your time peeking through the on-board camera via the app, then the battery will drain quicker. Even then, you could conceivably watch this robot vacuum cleaning an entire floor in your home and it still wouldn’t need to recharge before it’s finished.

Given how downright clever this robot vacuum is, it goes without saying that it will head back to base if it’s in danger of running out of charge, and it will even keep track of where it was so that it can get back to the task at hand without any wasted effort.


We won’t pretend that this is the quietest robot vacuum on the market. At 65 dB, it won’t drive you crazy but it might interfere with your Netflix binge routine if you decide to clean while you’re at home. For context, 65 dB is around the same noise level as a typical Roomba, and they didn’t become the biggest robot vacuum brand in the world by requiring buyers to wear earplugs, so it’s certainly manageable but you’ll know it’s there.


Given how good the rest of the experience with this robot vacuum is, it would be a shame for the Ironpie M6 to boast anything less than a HEPA filter. Fortunately, there are no such oversights here and you’ll receive a full HEPA filter in the box, making for one more check in the positives column for pet owners and allergy sufferers.


Regarding oversights, there’s one which Trifo makes very clear on their Amazon listing – presumably due to the huge number of questions they must have received. The Ironpie M6 works with wi-fi, but only on the 2.4GHz frequency. In most cases, your router and other hardware will switch seamlessly between the two main bands, and you shouldn’t experience any issues. If you do, change the settings on the router to ensure that there’s a 2.4GHz network for the Trifo Ironpie to connect to.

Once you’re up and running on the wi-fi, you unlock access to fantastic connectivity features. It includes full app support across Android and iOS devices – more on the fantastic perks of that below – while support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home is either already there, or on the way depending on when you’re reading this. Specifically, it was not available at launch but has started to roll out at the time of this review.

Navigation, Scheduling and Camera

And now for the part we’ve all been waiting for!

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum around the £350 mark, then these sensors and navigation tools are the stars of the show. The brainpower in the Trifo research and development team went hard on this area of the design, and the Ironpie makes full use of TIRVS – or Trifo Intelligent Robotics Vision System. This camera is not just a lens into the world that the robovac uses to see its way around. Software, hardware and unique algorithms all come together to make for a unique experience that is difficult to find on any other model around this price.

The tech itself is all well and good, but if you’re considering introducing the Trifo Ironpie M6 into your home, then the practicality of the camera is your primary concern. Naturally, it does an excellent job of finding its way around, and between the camera and the various sensors, you’ll find yourself with an efficient clean that involves a pretty spectacular effort at avoiding obstacles.

The camera also works in tandem with the app. Using a dedicated section of the Trifo app, you can view a live video feed from the robot, whether you are in a different room or on the other side of the world. If you’re the kind of person that uses a Ring video doorbell, then the M6 will be right up your street as you can now see what’s going on inside as well as out.

Crucially, you do not have to position the Trifo’s base station to get the perfect view. We like to keep our robovacs out of the way when they’re charging or otherwise not in use, but a crucial addition here are the manual controls. You can ‘drive’ the robot vacuum around your home with two potential purposes in mind. It will clean as it goes, so if there’s a build-up of dirt in a particular room, you can send it right to where it is needed most. If you’re away from home and want to see anything – admittedly from a relatively low viewpoint – you can do that too.

We mentioned that some might consider this functionality a novelty, but it does work well, to the point that you may even consider grabbing a second one to see upstairs too. Sadly, while on the quieter side as far as robovacs go, we would not quite put this one forward as a baby monitor!

Regardless of your personal use case, the sensors and camera work together for outstanding results. As you’ll see in the app, this robot vacuum knows where it is at all times and also ‘thinks’ about where it should go next. The M6 is among the most natural convergences between vacuums and computers that we have seen so far, and it puts artificial intelligence to excellent use indeed.

As would be expected from a robot vacuum with this much on-board technology, scheduling is a breeze. There are a couple of different options too. You can set it to clean when suits you best and leave it to it, and even get the Ironpie M6 to patrol your home in line with its usefulness for security as outlined above.

The app is among the most advanced in the robot vacuum industry. You can view cleaning progress, the areas covered, accessory status and even manually adjust the suction level for manual spot cleaning.

Trifo Ironpie M6 – Pros and Cons

  • Great cleaning across all but the thickest of carpets
  • Advanced navigation makes for a more efficient clean than many competitors
  • Excellent app with scheduling, manual movement and camera view
  • Struggles with thick carpets and rugs
  • Occasional reports of dropped connections – but this is regularly improved through updates
  • Not the cheapest robot vacuum, but great value from a price/features standpoint

Trifo Ironpie M6 – The Verdict

There is so much to like about the Trifo Ironpie M6, and it represents quite possibly the most advanced robot vacuum in this price range. We are used to Chinese robot vacuum manufacturers tackling lower price points than their international counterparts, and this model represents something of a departure from the norm. We recently reviewed other Chinese models such as the ILIFE V3 Pro and the Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Both turned out to be fantastic robot vacuums for their price, but there is no getting away from the fact that they target the entry-level market. Trifo’s strategy differs in that they have the likes of iRobot’s Roombas in their sights. The Ironpie M6 is not a million miles behind the likes of the Roomba 960 or 981, but costs significantly less. It also represents a definite step up over other models we are fond of, such as the Roomba 671 and the RoboVac 30C, and at less than £100 more.


Trifo Ironpie M6 Review

We can see why the likes of Roomba and Eufy will outsell this model, as it does not come cheap, and we also have to consider the brands involved – not to mention that there are far more models to choose from in each range. iRobot has crafted a brand in Roomba that is virtually synonymous with robot vacuums, while Eufy is the brand name of Anker, which is among the most popular consumer electronics brands out there. Trifo, on the other hand, has been in business since 2016 and has not yet had the opportunity to reach the same level of familiarity. However, if they continue to produce excellent products like the Trifo Ironpie M6, we can see no reason why they would be unable to reach those levels in the future. This is an upper mid-range model at a mid-range price point, and a worthy investment for anyone that not only wants a robot vacuum but a quality addition to their home security setup too.

Trifo Ironpie M6 – Questions and Answers

Is There Anything the Trifo Ironpie M6 Can’t Pick Up?

In the context of what you’d expect from a robotic vacuum cleaner, not really. Hair, dust, sand and other smaller particles are no match for the 1,800 Pa suction on this device. We often advise that those seeking to compare different robot vacuums use the suction power as a starting point, but once you get over 1,000 Pa, there’s not a massive difference and we’re supremely confident in the cleaning qualities of this device.

Does the Trifo Ironpie M6 App Work with Android and Apple Phones?

We’ll take this opportunity to say once again that the Trifo app is fantastic. It does indeed work with all major handsets that run the Android and iOS operating systems and there’s every chance that it will be unlike any app you’ve used before. If you’ve tried mobile apps from iRobot, Eufy and other big names, you’re in for a treat on this one and you’ll never forget the first time you watch what the Ironpie M6 sees through the onboard camera!

Do the Virtual Walls Work?

Some robot vacuum owners prefer the reassurance of physical boundaries for their robot vacuum, but we have to say that the Ironpie knows where it is at all times and does a fantastic job of staying out of areas you block off in the app. To all intents and purposes, the virtual walls you draw in the app may as well be physical ones, as this robovac has a huge amount of respect for your settings.


If you have any further questions about the Lefant T700, please leave a comment below!

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